David & Renata Perkins

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David and Renata Perkins married and began full time ministry in 2000 at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. After sixteen years of serving students, God called them to plant Radiant Church in Kansas City. David graduated from Southern Nazarene University with a degree in religion and completed a masters in theology from The King’s University. 

Jesus became my passion in junior high at a time when I felt alone, bullied, and broken. God’s love became my identity, my story and my message to others. As a teenager, I began to tell others at my school about Jesus and I saw lives saved, prayers answered, and disciples made.

Throughout college, I had the honor of speaking to young people at youth conferences across the USA and making disciples through internships and local church ministry. During those years, I met and married my beautiful bride, Renata, and we became ministry partners in reaching the next generation.

After graduation, we joined the staff of New Life Church in Colorado Springs and launched a ministry to students called Desperation. To our surprise, thousands of students gathered every summer at our annual conference and hundreds were discipled through internships and local church student ministry. Yet, over time, God began to give Renata and I a dream to plant a church.

We deeply enjoyed ministering to young people, but Renata and I found ourselves consumed with the vision to plant a passionate, bold, life-giving church. We talked about it for hours on our date nights, read books about church planting, watched church planting videos, and listened to podcasts. One night, a missionary said in his message, “If there is a vision deep in your heart that won’t go away, that vision is probably from God.” Sitting on the front row, we turned and smiled at each other. We knew God was calling us.

We loaded up our little family in the Suburban and took several road trips to different cities to pray and ask God where to plant. It didn't take long before we knew we were called to serve, reach, love and make disciples in Kansas City.