Worship // Friends // HANGS

6:30 - 8:00

June 13th -UNTD Summer Hangs (Roe Park)

June 21st -Radiant Prayer (Tomahawk Ridge Community Center)

June 27th -UNTD Summer Hangs (Roe Park)

July 5th -Radiant Prayer (Tomahawk Ridge Community Center)

July 11th -UNTD Summer Hangs (Roe Park)

July 19th -Radiant Prayer (Tomahawk Ridge Community Center)-

July 25th -UNTD Summer Hangs (Roe Park)

August 3rd -Radiant Prayer (Tomahawk Ridge Community Center)

Aug 8th-9th -Student Retreat

August 29th -Rad Students Fall Launch 


Rad UNTD Retreat

We are so excited to announce Our Radiant Student Retreat. "UNTD" is a student retreat held In August. We will worship God, Build relationships, and have an amazing time together! We can't wait to see you there!

When: August 8th-9th

Where: 1405 gore rd, raymore, mo 64083

*The retreat is not an overnight event. Please arrange for transportation to and from the retreat!