2018 Impact

Here’s the impact we’ve seen this year:

Radiant Church

  • 157 decisions for Christ

  • 65 people baptized

  • Growth rate of 67.1% from this time last year

  • 447 people in small groups (Fall semester)

  • 237 people on the Dream Team

  • 475 hours served in local outreach

  • Glow Camp (18 decisions for Christ)

  • 80 hours of corporate prayer this year

    ARC (Association of Related Churches)

  • 70 churches planted this year (YTD)

  • Over 1,000 decisions for Christ each launch day

    BOLD Conference

  • 743 total attendance

  • 50 decisions for Christ

  • 4 prayer meetings started on school campuses

  • $4500 in scholarships given to students

    Every Home For Christ

  • 19,000,000 decisions for Christ

  • 26,000 churches started

  • 235,880,170 pieces of Gospel literature distributed

    One Child Matters

  • 56 children sponsored in Haitian Hope Center

    Radiant Missionaries

  • 15 churches started in Mexico

  • 20 people baptized in Mexico

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Our City

We give to ministry partners in Kansas City that serve those in need. Plus, we help single moms and people in our church.

Next Generation

Children and teens hold a special place in our heart. We generously invest in our young people and other ministry partners focused on the next generation.


We long to see the Gospel proclaimed around the globe. We have friends serving Jesus overseas and ministry partners taking the gospel to the hardest and darkest places.